Building Plan





Choose Life Ministry resides on a beautiful, 160-Acre property near Gainsborough, SK.

This property boasts green space as far as the eye can see, and a small stream running through it.



Our facility includes an original stone farmhouse which has been fully renovated and restored to provide a beautiful, intimate setting for our first groups of young women. 


Our dream is to construct a second, larger facility that will be home to 20 young women every six months.

The vision is also to construct gardens, greenhouses, and more to compliment the natural beauty of the property, and provide a peaceful environment for our young women.


The ministry is currently following a Two-Phase Building Plan to see this vision become a reality.






Phase One involved renovating an existing stone house

on the property.  This allows the program to operate

with up to six young women every six months.


Phase One began on May 29, 2015 with a "Transfomation
Party," with a group of volunteers beginning to clean the

yard and prepare the property for construction.  The project

has since been overseen by contractor, and is complete.


A more detailed renovation report can be read in our




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Phase Two is scheduled to begin as soon as possible, and

will construct the new, 1.2 Million Dollar "Dream Home."


Our dream home will include: dormitory-style residence,

kitchen and dining room, recreation room, library,

classrooms, and common area to fully facilitate the

Choose Life Ministry program.


When operational, this facility will become home to

20 young women every six months.