Mourning to Dancing

This easy-to-read, 30 page book is the passionate testimony of Shelley Boyes;  founder of Choose Life Ministry.

It is a bit like peeking into the shadow of Shelley's past and watching for a few moments as she journeys back to her memories where she started and the painful path that carried her feet to where she stands today.


After leaving her alcoholic husband, Shelley wandered off the path she was raised on, finding a new path of her own. Thinking she was in control of her life, a tragic event happens which leaves her knowing—with no doubt—that she was never in control of anything that mattered.

From losing her daughter to a drunk driving accident to founding Choose Life Ministry, Shelley shares the pain-filled and heart-wrenching journey.  Giving all glory to her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Shelley's story will inspire you, ignite you, and resurrect the dreams that have been dormant in your own life.

It's never too late to begin again.

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Shelley Boyes, Founder of Choose Life Ministry

Mourning to Dancing
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What Others Are Saying :

"This book is small but mighty, proving that there is no mountain too big for God to move and no pain too deep for Him to turn it into something mighty and beautiful.  God does turn mourning to dancing and this book proves it!"

  Kimm Reid, Author

"Shelley lives her life with

passion and purpose. Her love for life is contagious."


Sherry S. Olson

Therapist, BSW, RSW, MC

"Shelley is authentic, caring, Biblical and relevant. She is both wise and delightful and it is amazing to see what God has done through her life and ministry.  Be prepared to be challenged and encouraged by Shelley as she combines the truth of God's word with her powerful testimony"


  Richard R. Eley, PhD.

Transformational Coach

"Shelley is one of those who "gathers no moss"  She is forever engaging in projects that benefit others.  Serving in her church, serving as an educator at great personal financial sacrifice, birthing and overseeing an Independent school, training as a life coach and training as a personal and family counselor are some that immediately come to mind."

  Scott Harrison,

Senior Pastor, Living Hope Church