A Village of Volunteers

February 12, 2017 marks 5 years since Choose Life Ministry was incorporated as a non-profit organization in Saskatchewan.

We Have Come a Long Way in That Time

You’ve probably heard it said that “it takes a village to raise a child”, well, let me state without hesitation, that “it takes a village of volunteers to raise and run a ministry”.

Over the past five years, hundreds of volunteer hours have been donated to Choose Life Ministry by many of you.

These are just a few of the areas you served:

  • Board Members – leadership, wisdom and guidance

  • Thrift Stores – hanging and steaming clothes, moving recycle, cleaning, clerking, organizing, displaying, initial set-up, special events.

  • Property – renovations, painting, gardening, landscaping, donating and operating equipment, electrical, plumbing.

  • Administration – promotion, facebook, posters, newsletters, mail outs, website.

  • Fund-raising - making and donating items, set-up, clean-up, serving, decorating, and more!

  • Quilts – many have made and donated quilts that will be given to each young woman who comes to the Choose Life Home. It will be warmth and comfort for her while she is there, and she will take it with her when she leaves to remind her she is loved.

If I were to put a dollar value on the time and equipment donated it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You are a Part of That

The following Chinese Proverb says it all.

One day an elephant saw a hummingbird lying on its back with its tiny feet up in the air. "What are you doing?" asked the elephant. The hummingbird replied, "I heard that the sky might fall today, and so I am ready to help hold it up, should it fall." The elephant laughed cruelly. "Do you really think," he said, "that those tiny feet could help hold up the sky?" The hummingbird kept his feet up in the air, intent on his purpose, as he replied, "Not alone. But each must do what he can. And this is what I can do."

No act is insignificant. Everyone plays an important role.

We cannot put a value on volunteers .

YOU are Priceless!

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