You walk into a building and there is a beautiful reception area.

Expensive desk, marble floors, crystal chandelier, sweet smelling floral arrangements, an absolutely gorgeous area and a door that leads to the area behind the reception area.

Just behind that door is something very different – an empty shell with broken down shelving, dirt floor, a musty smell, one ugly mess.

This Could be a Picture of our Lives –

All pretty on the outside, but inside chaos. We cannot assume that because someone looks ‘put together’ on the outside that they are not suffering within.

Some of the young women who will come to the Choose Life Home (Homestead for Hope), will look just fine on the outside, but their lives are a tapestry woven with some very dark threads that have brought them to us.

Our mission is to listen, to care, to counsel, and to allow God to heal and restore the brokenness.

When We are Healed Within, the Natural Outcome is a Beautiful Outside

The Homestead of Hope stone house is a perfect picture of something that is pretty on the outside but rotting on the inside. Before the renovations began, there was plaster hanging off the walls, creatures living in the walls, and smells that would turn even the strongest stomach.

Over time and with a lot of work, the old was removed and the new began to take shape. Now it is a beautiful piece of architecture that can be used for God’s glory

If you know of a young woman who could benefit from our program, please direct her to us. We are taking applications and are looking forward to opening our home very soon.

Let the transformation begin!

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