Choose Life Ministry Sponsorship Opportunities

When you partner with

Choose Life Ministry through Sponsorship, you invest in a mission that is building healthy and whole individuals every day. 


Our program treats the whole person: physically,mentally,emotionally,and spiritually, providing an integrated approach to recovery and wholeness that is currently lacking in our province and country.


“Trauma and mental health issues that are linked to substance use problems disproportionately affect women, and their devastating impact is usually exacerbated by the failure of service systems to provide appropriate, integrated services for women with co-existing mental health, substance use, and trauma histories.”

“Women’s normal life experiences are not usually medical conditions but are sociocultural in nature and should be addressed from that perspective. 
Services should be fully funded and should include treatment, education, information dissemination, and outreach.”


-Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, 2005


-Canadian Mental Health Association, 2015


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For Sponsorship Inquiries, or to Request Our Fundrasing Packet

Phone:  (306) 485-6100

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Event Sponsorship

Choose Life Ministry host an amazing  annual event that is open to sponsorship:  
-Red Carpet Banquet (September)

As a thank you for your
generosity, Choose Life Ministry publicly recognizes its event sponsors in the following ways:


See Sponsorship Pyramid on Right, or




Red Carpet Banquet

The annual Red Carpet Banquet is a formal night out, targeted at adults/couples.


The event includes a delicious catered meal, followed by live comedy, and concluding with a live auction fundraiser.


This event has featured top-level
stand-up comedians, including
Canada’s own Leland Klassen, and David Ferrell—multi-time nominee for Clean Comedian of the Year.

Peach Color Dress

When you sponsor a building project with Choose Life Ministry, you invest in more than a physical building with four walls and a roof.  You become part of a mission that is building healthy and whole individuals every day.


Choose Life Ministry is currently implementing a Two-Phase Building Plan.




As a thank you for your generosity, Choose Life Ministry seeks to recognize its building sponsors in two ways:


See Description on Right, or




Building Fund Sponsorship

Donations of $500 - $9,999

Recognition on the Ironwork Tree of Donors

An artistic installation will be attached to the
outside of the original stone house (Phase One Building Project) in recognition of the donors who contributed to the Phase One Project.

This Ironwork Tree will scale the outside wall of the house, and will have the names of its sponsors engraved onto individual leaves.


Donations of $10,000 +

Recognition on the Ministry Grounds

Donations to Choose Life Ministry Building Projects in excess of $10,000 will receive special consideration on aspects of the property.


Donations of this size will be recognized in the form of a plaque on various property fixtures, including: benches, gazebos, greenhouses, etc… as the property gardens and grounds develop.



Donation Matching

Choose Life Ministry is currently seeking a company to participate in a donation matching challenge to help us reach our fundraising goal for the Phase Two Building Project.
Your company or organization would agree to match the dollar amount of donations giving by community members, up to a certain pre-determined amount.
Your company will be named/advertised on all promotions of this challenge, and your generosity would be reflected on a special fixture on the ministry grounds.


As a registered non-profit organization, Choose Life Ministry may be eligible for a Charitable Foundation Grant from your company.
We have previously been the recipients of two such grants,
and are grateful for our community's support.

In 2011, Saskatchewan and Manitoba had double the national rate of violence against women. (Statistics Canada)