Prayer is the #1 way you can support Choose Life Ministry.
Prayer cannot be overemphasized, because prayer moves the hand of God!
If you pray regularily for our ministry, THANK YOU!
If you would like to become part of our official intercessor team, and receive occasion email updates and prayer requests, please use the Contact Us box at the bottom of the page, and ask to be put on
the intercessor list.

Looking for ways to donate or fundraise?

Our Second Chance Stores are a great place
to volunteer!
We are always looking for a spare set of hands
to help with things like:
-Sorting Donations
-Washing Donated Clothing and Linens
-Loading/Unloading Bags and Boxes into Vehicles
-Stuffing Mailing Envelopes,
or Other Administrative Tasks for the Ministry
Whether you're looking for a place to volunteer regularily, a student looking to earn Community Service hours, or a team or church group looking to do a one-time project, we have something for you!
Get in touch with our Contact Us box below.
Our annual fundraising events provide many
opportunites to serve!
If you're looking for a hands-on role, why
not join the Fashion Show or Banquet
committee, to be part of the action from
the very beginning?
Looking to only spend a few hours?
Our events always need one-day volunteers
to do things like:
-Take Tickets
-Set Up/Take Down/Clean Up
-Serve in the Kitchen
-Put Up Posters
Keep checking this page, or Like us on Facebook to be the first to know about new volunteer opportunities!
If you enjoy the great outdoors,
volunteering at our property might be
for you!
We welcome volunteers to do yard work,
such as mowing or gardening.
Have a team or group looking for a project?
Let us know, and we'll find a project that's just
the right size for your crew.
If you're looking for a volunteer activity that the
entire family can enjoy, consider attending our
annual Transformation Weekend in May. 
This event is a weekend of free camping on the Choose Life Property with fellowship, campfires,
outdoor worship, and a to-do list of projects--big and small--so everyone can participate in beautifying the property and supporting the ministry.  Visit our EVENTS page for more information.
Transformation Weekend
Transformation Weekend
Transformation Weekend
Transformation Weekend