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Shelley Boyes

Founder of Choose Life Ministry

Our Story

Choose Life Ministry was started in 2012 by Shelley Boyes.


Shelley has experienced first-hand how issues that young women face today can be devastating and life-altering.  While raising three daughters, Shelley discovered that none of them were exempt from the harsh realities of society.  Her oldest daughter died in an alcohol related traffic accident in 2006, and her other daughters have both sought help for drug and alcohol abuse.

Shelley saw the need for a non-denominational faith-based program to address needs such as these faced by young women in Southeast Saskatchewan, and beyond.

Choose Life Ministry was incorporated and granted non-profit status by the Government of Saskatchewan in February of 2012.  In September of the same year, Choose Life Ministry was granted Registered Charity Status with Revenue Canada. A board of directors was chosen, and plans were underway for a home that will be a place of healing and restoration for young women.

In April 2014, the board opened Second Chance Thrift Store in Estevan, SK with the purpose of:


  • raising funds for the construction project

  • increasing awareness of the Ministry's mission in Saskatchewan

  • providing a service to the community.


A second thrift store was opened on September 1, 2015, in Carlyle, SK.
Both stores are showing success in bringing in revenue and promoting the goals of Choose Life Ministry, as well as increasing awareness as to the need within the community for the servicesChoose Life Ministry seeks to provide.

In 2015, the Board of Directors of Choose Life Ministry have approved a Two-Phase Building Plan that will have Choose Life’s residential program operational, faster. This plan will allow services to commence for smaller groups of young women in the near future, with completion of the “Dream Home” scheduled to begin as soon as funds are in place.


Phase One began May 29, 2015, and utilizes the existing farmhouse on the property, as well as other structures to provide the necessary facilities to begin a program for 6 women.


The final Phase of building will see a brand new facility in place, capable of housing 20 women per cycle.

Shelley is a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother with a passion for helping others live the “abundant life” God has in store for them.


In 2006, Shelley lost her eldest daughter to an alcohol-related traffic accident, and began a journey of healing for herself and her younger daughters.  Through this tragedy, Shelley discovered the need for more faith-based programs for families facing difficult circumstances.


In 2012, Shelley founded Choose Life Ministry, a program designed to provide hope and healing to young women between the ages of 18 and 29 battling life-altering challenges.  Choose Life Ministry seeks to help these women find freedom from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and the effects of abuse or self-harm.  


When Shelley began traveling and speaking to promote the ministry, she found that her story was touching hearts and encouraging believers everywhere she went.  She now travels to share her message of healing from grief, triumphing over difficult circumstances, and choosing life—the abundant life God has for you.


Shelley holds a B.A. in Psychology, A Certificate in Biblical Counseling & Life Coaching, and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  She is also a trained MPA and teacher.


In 2015, Shelley received a Women of Today nomination for “Outstanding Contribution to the Community.”

Shelley's Story

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