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Meet Kimberley

One of the most precious things of my heart that I own is an old Bible from 1712 that I found in a thrift store in England when I was there visiting my brother back in 1991. It is full of bookmarks cut from the news of the day of the 1800's, family lineages hand written in Olde English beginning in 1774, and the Psalms in the original metre. And in that metre version Psalm 91 reads as follows: (although I changed all the f's back to s's so it's easier to read)


He that within the secret place, of God most High doth dwell

Under the shadow of His grace, he shall be safe and well.

Thou art my hope and my stronghold, I to the Lord will say;

My God He is, in Him will I, my whole alliance stay.

He shall defend thee from the snare, the which the hunter laid;

And from the deadly plague and care whereof thou art afraid.

And with His wings shall cover thee, and keep you safely there:

His faith and truth thy fence shall be, as sure as shield and spear.

So that though never shall have cause, to fear or be affright,

For all the shafts that file by day or terrors of the night.

For why? Oh Lord I only rest, and fix my hope on thee:

In the Most High I put my trust, my pure defense is He.


No matter how eloquently like this old Bible states it, or how raw it is spoken by new residents, there are snares and plagues and things of this world that cause us fear. Life has a way of making some of us feel entrapped into a life where ultimately we don't recognize ourselves. But here is where women are finding a bold and brave new footing to come to the Homestead of Hope, to be covered under His wings, and to learn to put their trust in our Lord. I am truly honored to be the new Executive Director of this amazing ministry and watch first-hand as lives are changed, how women are being pulled from the things that are ensnaring them and are learning to walk in the freedom that God had planned for them. In the Most High I put my trust, my pure defense is He.



Kimberley Atkinson

Executive Director

Choose Life Ministry

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